Hair Analysis for Identifying Food Sensitivities 

Have you had your hair tested yet?

Purchase a "Complete Hair Analysis Test Package" this March for only  $438.00
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The Package includes:
  • Hair analysis testing and results 
  • Initial consultation
  • Follow up consultation


The hair analysis test has been as popular as ever, with so many patients getting such amazing results for themselves and their families through removing foods that they are reactive to. With the hair analysis test, you will be given a comprehensive and individualised eating plan to support your body.

From skin conditions to digestive issues, a hair analysis test can be used to identify foods and household items that react with your body and contribute to your health complaints. The hair test is great for improving conditions such as:

  • IBS
  • skin rashes, hives
  • ADHD
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • migraines/headaches
  • bloating
  • allergies
  • chronic fatigue
  • infections
  • sleep disorders 
  • weight issues 
  • trouble conceiving
  • and much more!

From a list of over 500 foods and household items such as shampoos, soaps and cleaning products, the hair analysis test will find the foods and products compatible with your body. The test is especially useful for children and babies (and animals) with issues that you are finding difficult to treat. A hair sample can be dropped at the clinic in designated sample bags before your first appointment.
Coloured hair is fine to use and if you have no hair, a saliva sample can be taken instead.

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