It is widely accepted now that many illnesses are psychosomatic, and that the body can become ill by the workings of the mind. If the mind is causing ill health, then the the mind can also bring good health.

Mind Power

Healing by an altered state of awareness is among the oldest phenomena known to man.

Inner Potential

The treatment of emotional and psychological disorders, unwanted habits and undesirable feelings, helps you become more accepting of yourself and others, promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

Rapid Recovery

Unlike many other psychological therapies, hypnotherapy is generally considered to be a fairly short-term approach in which beneficial change should become apparent within a few sessions. By gaining access to a patient's sub-conscious mind, Hypnotherapy can help discover answers that a patient already knows, but has been concealed in the subconscious. Patients are then able to process the information learned in a session, and subsequently can change old habits and behaviours.


The nervous system controls the function of virtually every aspect of our lives so maintaining a properly functioning nervous system is essential if you want to feel your very best.