Lymphoedema is caused by an overload of the lymphatic system resulting  in a swelling of one or more regions of the body. It is not curable but can be managed.

There are two main categories of Lymphoedema

a) Primary Lymphoedema: caused by a malformation of lymphatic vessels and/or nodes and might not appear till later on in life. 

b) Secondary Lymphoedema:  is caused by damage to the lymphatic system, mostly the axillary and inguinal lymph nodes.

Most frequently secondary lymphoedema occurs after surgery and radiation treatment for cancer. An oedema may develop directly after treatment or over time as a result of a chronic overload of the lymphatic system.

Complications of Lymphoedema can be various skin conditions of which cellulitis is the most common one.

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Our Lymphoedema Therapist

Manuela King

Maneula KingManuela graduated in 2010 as a Remedial Massage Therapist from Paramount College in Perth. Since then she has extended her knowledge to offer professional help for people who suffer from chronic illnesses. Manuela did her postgraduate training in Oncology Massage through the nationally accredited ‘Oncology Massage Training’ which led her further into studying Manual Lymphatic Drainage with the internationally accredited ‘Dr Vodder Akademie’ where she graduated at the Vodder Clinic in Austria in 2014. In 2016 she completed her professional Scenar Training with RITM Scenar Australia.

"I believe that any therapy is most effective when science and intuition are combined to achieve an individual approach for each person. No two people are the same, therefore no two treatments should be the same. A deep tissue massage can be wonderful for one person yet for another, it can have an undesired effect. It is up to the person and the therapist to find techniques that suit and can be helpful in dealing with specific health challenges."

Manuela King
Dip Rem Massage, Oncology Massage
Lymphoedema and Scenar Therapist


Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR) PRO

SCENAR is a hand held, electro-stimulation therapeutic medical device that transmits information in the form of electric signals delivered to the body through acupuncture meridian points. Acting upon this information field (cutaneous integument) enables external influence upon the disordered organs and functional systems. It uses bio-feedback therapy as an effective support for headaches, over-strain, nervous exhaustion, pain syndromes, muscle spasms, initial stages of an inflammatory process or hormonal imbalance.

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Our Team of SCENAR PRO therapists

Joanna Tarnicki (SCENAR PRO Therapist)

Joanna TarnickiJoanna has practiced healing techniques for over 7 years and is highly respected by her peers and clients for her professional and energizing approach to natural medicine. Her passion and primary focus is at the forefront of SCENAR therapy. SCENAR therapy works by stimulating the brain with a constantly varying signal that causes it to instruct your nervous system to generate neuropeptides, the key biochemical needed by your body to heal itself. She is highly qualified through her Chemistry Degree, high level of accreditation by the RITM SCENAR Institute and has been mentored by the best practitioners in the field. Her dedication and caring nature extends into her values of day to day life.

Joanna uses the traditional SCENAR PRO device, as well as the SCENAR blanket to achieve her great results. She has had 3 levels of SCENAR training and uses the SCENAR Pro device (the most powerful SCENAR device available).

Iridology is the science and art of analysing the iris (coloured part) of the eye. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool, however it is a useful guide for practitioners to identify areas of strength and weakness in a person’s constitution. Colours, texture, patterns and other iris signs can be a guide to what is happening in a patient’s body. Digital iris photos provide opportunity for detailed analysis and records to be kept. You will be amazed by what your iris reveals!

Iridology forms part of our Naturopath's initial consultation.

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Our Team of Iridologists

Danielle Ronk, BHSc Naturopathy (Paramount College of Natural Medicine)

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Flower Essence Therapy, Mind-Body Medicine

Member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Danielle is a qualified naturopath. She has a warm and friendly manner and is passionate about assisting her clients to make positive and achievable changes to their health and wellbeing. Her holistic, responsive approach to wellness ensures that each client’s needs are addressed in a way that best suits them as a unique individual. 

As a recent graduate from Paramount College of Natural Medicine, Danielle is up to date with the latest research in evidence-based natural medicine. Her research dissertation reflected her passion for hormonal issues, focusing on the interrelationship between hypothyroidism, stress and the female hormones.  

Danielle lives in the hills with her fiancé and enjoys spending time in her garden, cooking nourishing food and drinking herbal teas. 


A Naturopath can help you to: 

  • Improve digestion 
  • Reduce fatigue 
  • Manage allergies 
  • Balance hormones 
  • Encourage fertility 
  • Achieve optimal weight 
  • Support skin issues 
  • Reduce musculoskeletal pain 
  • Support immunity 
  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Increase energy and focus 
  • Detoxify your body 
  • Manage stress and anxiety