End of year is coming up and school and uni exams are here!  Students begin their ATAR exams this week!  Those who are sitting with heads down, studying for long periods of time, can be experiencing headaches, migraines and or neck pain and/or stiffness.  But fear not, here are some easy tips for managing that pain and stiffness to get you through those exams.  


  • Maintain good posture to allow muscles and bones to be in their most efficient position to work and relax. 
  • Gently stretch muscles that are tight for a minimum of 15 seconds each time. 
  • Take frequent breaks to recheck your posture and stretch. 
  • Stay hydrated as some headaches can occur from dehydration.  
  • Chiropractic may help to relieve symptoms when the above is not enough. 


For more specific advice for your individual case, call us to book your appointment.  And lastly... Good luck!