B.Chiro, B.Sc (Chiro)

Dr. Cadmiel Terebent graduated from Murdoch University WA with distinction in Clinical Chiropractic. In 2014 he also completed a Bachelor of Aviation together with his pilots licence. Although he enjoyed flying, he was more passionate about doing something more rewarding and helping those on the ground.

Dr. Cadmiel is very passionate about helping people understand the difference between good pain and bad pain and how pain is the brain’s way of interpreting sensory stimulus. He is dedicated to providing spinal maintenance care for the whole family. He particularly enjoyed his rural placement and working with the seniors community during his internship years.

Having grown up in a big and loud family, with strong moral, cultural and family values, he understands the importance of respect as well as  compassion, empathy and care for everyone around him. Outside of clinic, Dr. Cadmiel enjoys spending time with his dogs, playing the violin and piano, swimming and travelling.