What to expect from your first SCENAR treatment

Before your treatment, you will be assessed by one of our skilled Chiropractors, who will do an adjustment (if necessary) then discuss your problems with our SCENAR expert.

You will be asked to undress (underwear is fine – so are pants in some circumstances) and will be placed into a SCENAR blanket. The SCENAR blanket will help you to relax and get the most out of your treatment.

Our SCENAR expert will then begin by running the SCENAR device over your body to get some readings. They will then use these readings to devise the best course of action for your treatment.

The device does not hurt – the most you will feel is a tickle, or prickly sensation.

When the treatment begins, the painful area will not necessarily be treated. This is because a different area to where the pain presents itself usually causes the problem and part of the SCENAR treatment (as in Chiropractic and other modalities) is in balancing the body. Our SCENAR expert will run the device back and forth over your back/chest/etc. to find points where the device “sticks”. The “sticking” of the device is caused by the particular blockages in your system. Our expert will then continue to work the area until the blockages are resolved.

This is similar to how a farmer prepares a field before sewing seeds. The farmer will prepare the soil and get rid of the rocks and weeds before he begins to plant the seeds. He chooses what product he wants to produce, which dictates which seeds he plants and what ploughing technique are used to prepare the soil.

In SCENAR, the practitioner will prepare the area, get rid of the blockages, and then begin the specific treatment. During the treatment, the practitioner will treat specific areas in order to get the outcome that both you and the practitioner require.

The SCENAR device does not “fix” the problem. It helps the body to regenerate and “fix” its own problems.