Iridology is the science and art of analysing the iris (coloured part) of the eye. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool, however it is a useful guide for practitioners to identify areas of strength and weakness in a person’s constitution. Colours, texture, patterns and other iris signs can be a guide to what is happening in a patient’s body. Digital iris photos provide opportunity for detailed analysis and records to be kept. You will be amazed by what your iris reveals!

Iridology forms part of our Naturopath's initial consultation.

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Our Team of Iridologists

Danielle Ronk, BHSc Naturopathy (Paramount College of Natural Medicine)

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Flower Essence Therapy, Mind-Body Medicine

Member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Danielle is a qualified naturopath. She has a warm and friendly manner and is passionate about assisting her clients to make positive and achievable changes to their health and wellbeing. Her holistic, responsive approach to wellness ensures that each client’s needs are addressed in a way that best suits them as a unique individual. 

As a recent graduate from Paramount College of Natural Medicine, Danielle is up to date with the latest research in evidence-based natural medicine. Her research dissertation reflected her passion for hormonal issues, focusing on the interrelationship between hypothyroidism, stress and the female hormones.  

Danielle lives in the hills with her fiancé and enjoys spending time in her garden, cooking nourishing food and drinking herbal teas. 


A Naturopath can help you to: 

  • Improve digestion 
  • Reduce fatigue 
  • Manage allergies 
  • Balance hormones 
  • Encourage fertility 
  • Achieve optimal weight 
  • Support skin issues 
  • Reduce musculoskeletal pain 
  • Support immunity 
  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Increase energy and focus 
  • Detoxify your body 
  • Manage stress and anxiety