Dr. Mike Corbett is an experienced General Practitioner with an interest in functional, integrative and holistic medicine.

Qualified in the UK over 30 years ago he has worked within General Practice for 25 years gaining wide experience in all areas of General Practice Medicine.  He has always had an interest in holistic and integrative medicine and has recently been able to realize and formalize this by studying for certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine the world leaders in functional medicine research and accreditation.

He has so far passed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice module and Advanced Modules in Gut Health, Environmental Health, Cardiometabolic and Immune Advanced Modules with Hormone and Bioenergetics Modules in July and August of this year.

He strives to provide the best standard of care for his patients whilst looking into the root causes of their symptoms and illness and addressing these with a personal, evidence based and holistic treatment plan.

He is interested in the way the physical, mental and spiritual health combined in health and disease and how improving these areas can improve chronic conditions such as cardiometabolic disease, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, hormone related disorders and infertility. 

He believes that working within the Hills Natural Health clinic is a great way to provide this care.

Consults in the clinic with Dr. Mike will generally be longer than you would normally expect with a GP. This is to allow detailed history taking and examination followed by formulating a treatment plan. This will then usually be followed up with several shorter appointments to assess your progress.

Medicare rebates are available for Dr. Mike’s appointments.