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A multidisciplinary approach to holistic health

Integrative GP

An Integrative GP utilises the Functional Medicine model, which is a science-based approach focused on individualised, patient-centred care. Practitioners and patients work together to address the root causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. It leverages that data to direct personalised treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.

By addressing the root cause rather than symptoms, practitioners become oriented to identifying the complexity of the disease.

Functional Medicine treatment addresses the specific manifestations of disease in each individual, as one condition may have multiple causes, and one cause may lead to various conditions.

Dr Mike Corbett


Dr. Mike Corbett is a General Practitioner with experience in functional, integrative, and holistic medicine.

He qualified in the UK more than 30 years ago and has worked in General Practice for 25 years. During this time, he has gained extensive experience in all areas of General Practice Medicine.  

Dr Mike has always been interested in holistic and integrative medicine. He recently pursued this interest by studying for certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine, a world leader in functional medicine research and accreditation. At the end of 2022, he became certified as a Practitioner of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr Mike strives to provide his patients with the best standard of care while looking into the root causes of their symptoms and illness and addressing them with a personal, evidence-based, holistic treatment plan.

Dr Mike is interested in the way physical, mental, and spiritual health are combined in health and disease and how improving these areas can improve chronic conditions such as cardiometabolic disease, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, hormone-related disorders, and infertility. He thinks that working at Hills Natural Health Clinic is an excellent way to provide this care.

Your Consultation with Dr Mike

When you have a consultation with Dr. Mike at the clinic, the appointment may be longer than what you would typically expect with a general practitioner. The reason is that Dr. Mike will take a detailed medical history and conduct a thorough examination to create a personalised treatment plan for you. After that, you will have several shorter follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

As Hills Natural Health is a private practice, all fees are charged at the full private rate. Medicare rebates are available, with a gap payment required.

Bulk billing is not available.

Dr Melissa Marlow


Dr. Melissa Marlow trained as a doctor in the UK qualifying 20 years ago. She specialised in general practice in 2009 and then moved out to rural Australia for a working holiday with her husband. Now she is happy to call the Perth Hills her home, loves living locally, with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs on a bush block.

Whilst working in general practice and bringing young children into the world she has been saddened by the burden of chronic disease in the world and its impact on everyone, whether you, or your loved ones have a chronic disease; we are all impacted. It is however empowering and exciting to know that exploring the root causes of chronic conditions and addressing them in a holistic way, many are preventable and even potentially reversible, and managing them; not necessarily reliant on medication.

To increase knowledge, evidence base and strategies she is now studying to become accredited in the new and interesting branch of medical care; Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr Melissa loves to work in a holistic and practical way with people, taking into account their individual circumstances; physical, spiritual and psychological factors that contribute to health and wellness and therefore quality of life.

Working at the Hills Natural Health Clinic is the ideal way to explore this.

She is keen to work with people to prevent and treat chronic disease, with an interest in maintaining and improving quality of life and keeping healthy as we age. Menopause, mental health and palliative care are special interests.

Your Consultation with Dr Melissa

Consults in the clinic with Dr. Melissa will generally be longer than you would normally expect with a GP. This is to allow detailed history taking and examination followed by formulating a treatment plan. This will then usually be followed up with several shorter appointments to assess your progress.

As Hills Natural Health is a private practice, all fees are charged at the full private rate. Medicare rebates are available, with a gap payment required.

Bulk billing is not available.