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Nurse Practitioner

What Is A Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals who have completed advanced training and hold a Master’s degree in nursing. They possess the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and treat individuals of all ages for various acute or chronic medical conditions.

With their comprehensive understanding of healthcare, NPs work collaboratively with physicians and other healthcare providers to provide holistic patient care, including disease prevention, health promotion, and management of chronic illnesses.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are qualified to provide advanced nursing care, which includes diagnosing and assessing patients’ health, prescribing medications and therapies, and referring them to other health professionals or specialist medical practitioners.

Did You Know...

Nurse Practitioners can;

Nurse Practitioner

Our Nurse Practitioner

Lucia Ferguson

Integrated Nurse Practitioner

Lucia is a Masters’s qualified Nurse with endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner, which gives her an advanced scope of practice. 

Lucia can provide comprehensive care and medical health coaching and collaborate with other health providers you may be seeing. Her qualifications allow her to directly access Medicare and the PBS, write prescriptions, refer for some types of imaging and to medical and other specialists.

She can diagnose, treat and manage various physical health conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, women’s health, cervical screening and provide overall health checks. She has extensive experience with mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. Her treatments range from cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectal behavioural therapy, psycho-social recovery and solutions-focused therapy.

​As a nurse practitioner passionate about holistic and integrative health, she aims to work collaboratively with people to achieve their health goals. Her approach is to examine the root cause of illness and disease rather than only treat the symptoms. She will work with you to identify the links between your nutrition, environment and health using the best of Western and complementary care. She applies knowledge of integrative medicine, which can help to enhance and strengthen your body and mind, allowing them to heal.

Lucia has had twenty years of experience in public and private health settings. In 2015 she won the community primary care award at the WA Nursing and Midwifery Awards. 

Gina Holroyd

Registered Nurse

Gina has been a registered nurse for over 32 years. She has worked in general practice for 25 years and alongside Dr. Corbett at the Hills for seven years.