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Pregnancy, Children, Postpartum

Pregnancy, Children, Postpartum

So you're having a baby!

First of all congratulations!

Experiencing pregnancy for the first time can be both overwhelming and thrilling at the same time.

Exciting times lie ahead for you and your family! Whether it’s your first time or not, we offer our support.

When starting this journey, it’s natural to feel excited and nervous.

You may not know what to expect, including the physical, chemical, and emotional changes that may occur.



The whole family can benefit from chiropractic care because our chiropractors are qualified to provide manual and low-force techniques for people of all ages.

Common conditions in children include breastfeeding difficulties, plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), colic (irritable baby), torticollis, limps, learning difficulties, and injuries.

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The food you consume before, during, and after pregnancy plays a significant role in your baby’s growth and development. It is essential to ensure that you have a balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of complications and ensure that your baby has the best possible start in life.

Your naturopath can help you make meaningful changes to your health and wellness routine. By working with your naturopath, you can identify areas of your life that can benefit from adjustments and receive guidance on the best ways to make those changes. Whether through dietary modifications, exercise routines, or stress reduction techniques, your naturopath can help you achieve the optimal health outcomes you desire.

They have extensive knowledge of natural and effective herbs or supplements and how they can or cannot combine with any medication you already take.

A naturopath can see kids with allergies, intolerances or general immunity to know what is good for their body.

Pregnancy Massage

Our remedial massage therapists are all qualified in pregnancy massage. They are able to provide relief from the extra aches and pains as your baby grows.

It can be accomplished side-lying or face-down using a Belly Pillow, which many of our expecting mums love to do.

It is recommended that pregnancy massage is only made available after your first trimester.

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