So you're having a baby!

First of all, congratulations!  

What exciting times ahead for you and your family! This may be your first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran…we are here to support you.  

But in any case, it’s a time of excited, nervousness not knowing what lies ahead, what’s involved and the changes it will make to your body physically, chemically and emotionally.


The whole family can benefit from Chiropractic as all our Chiropractors have been trained to see people of all ages.  They can perform a range of manual and low force techniques to suit each patient.

Common conditions include breast feeding difficulties, plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), colic (irritable baby) and torticollis.  And limps, learning difficulties and injuries are common in children.


It’s vitally important during the planning stages to have proper nutrition before, during and after your pregnancy. As what you are taking in will be what your bub will be having too.

Your naturopath will guide you through changes that you can make with the most minimal change to your routine and have the biggest outcome.  They have extensive knowledge of natural and effective herbs or supplements and how they can or cannot combine with medication you are already taking.

Kids with allergies, intolerances or for general immunity can be seen by a naturopath to know what is good for their body.

Pregnancy Massage

Our remedial massage therapists have all been trained in pregnancy massage and are able to provide relief from the extra aches and pains as your baby grows.

It can be performed side-lying or face down using a Belly Pillow which a lot of our expecting mum’s love to do.

It is recommended that pregnancy massage is only made available after your first trimester.

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