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What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic utilises and combines the knowledge of the spine and pelvis with the nervous system, which controls the whole body. Its holistic approach is conservative, safe and effective at achieving a good balance for the entire body so you can work optimally.

Your chiropractor will evaluate your posture, muscle imbalances, joint movement restrictions, and identify the root cause of your condition.


Conditions Chiropractic Care Can Assist With

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Chiropractic Techniques Used

Soft Tissue Techniques Used

Who is it for?


Low force techniques can be adapted suitably for children and the elderly when manual adjustments are contraindicated or as a personal preference.

Chiropractic can be used to promote optimum function and wellness to help athletes or manual workers get the most out of their body to continue doing what they need to do.

Meet our Chiropractors

Dr Ryan Yiap

Principal Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B. Chiro

Dr. Ryan is a Murdoch University Chiropractic graduate committed to providing exceptional service to everyone seeking chiropractic care. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them achieve their optimal well-being. He will listen and work to provide the best solution, whether it’s families, office workers, manual labourers, or fly-in fly-out cases, from babies to older adults.

He employs various techniques, including manual techniques such as Diversified and Gonstead, and low-force techniques such as Activator Methods and Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.). Additionally, he utilises muscle techniques like trigger point therapy, dry needling, and cranial work using S.O.T. and Applied Kinesiology. Based on the unique needs of each individual, he combines these techniques to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

Dr. Ryan is a married man with two children. Spending time with his family is one of the things that he loves to do the most. He is an affectionate and empathetic person and an active member of his local church. There, he leads, sings, and plays guitar. Thanks to his friendly and caring nature, he is easy to get along with and has a good listening ear so that you can share your concerns with him without hassle.

Dr Ryan now has a new practice location in Cannington and works from both locations. If you have any family or friends living closer to that area, you can refer them. Mills Chiropractic & Healthcare. You can find more information and follow them on their Facebook page @millschirohc.

Dr Kristina Krstic

Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Dr. Kristina Krstic earned her Bachelor of Science (Chiro) and Bachelor of Chiropractic degrees from Murdoch University in 2017. During her studies, she developed a passion for educating the public on the influential role that Chiropractic care can play in restoring health and well-being and helping individuals reach their full potential and improve their quality of life. Her ultimate goal is to provide effective Chiropractic care while promoting awareness and understanding of its benefits.

Throughout her studies and first two years of practice as a locum chiropractor, Dr Kristina has also been an active member of the Australian Jackaroos team, competing internationally in lawn bowls. Her background in sports has given her a keen interest in sports-related injuries and family care. She offers a variety of treatment options to meet your needs, including manual adjustments, activators, drop pieces, dry needling, kinesiology taping, and soft tissue therapies.

In her free time, Kristina enjoys going to the beach, staying active, baking, and spending time with loved ones.

Dr Amanda Smith

Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Amanda graduated from Murdoch University in Perth after moving from the U.S.A. in 2002 to study Chiropractic. She believes chiropractic care can help the body heal itself.

Amanda uses various manual techniques for pain relief, including activators, trigger point release, Neil Asher’s technique for a frozen shoulder, and dry needling. She also offers sinus stripping to release blocked sinuses and soft tissue therapies for jaw clenching and grinding.

Amanda believes each patient has unique needs and treatments are tailored to meet them and their goals.

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