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Free 15-minute Consultations

free 15 minute consultation

Are you unsure, or have some questions?

Attending an appointment for an unfamiliar service can be an overwhelming and intimidating prospect. People may need to learn what to expect and be unsure if the service will benefit them. This uncertainty can cause anxiety and stress, which can make the experience even more challenging.

Questions about the service’s effectiveness, investment worth, and appointment specifics may arise.

Some inquiries may be too personal for the front desk, while others may require the expertise of a practitioner.

Understanding what the appointment entails and what it doesn’t can alleviate concerns and ensure a more comfortable experience.

Here's the Solution!

Our 15-minute consultations are here to help! You can have a one-to-one conversation with any of our practitioners and ask any questions you have about your condition or the consultation process.

This is a great opportunity to get to know our practitioners, who are compassionate, attentive, and great listeners.

Don’t hesitate to book your consultation today!

we are here to help
We are here to help!

Book Online

Use these two links below to book online and choose the FREE 15 min consultation option.

The first option is for chiropractic, remedial massage, lymphoedema therapy.

The second link is for Naturopathy.

Alternatively, and for all other services, please give the centre a call or email us with whom you wish to speak to

and we will do our best to have them call you back at their next availability.

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