It may be a daunting experience for some to attend an appointment for a service that they may not be familiar with, wondering whether or not that service might help them.

Whether they are spending their money in the right place. 

What exactly happens when they attend their appointment. 

What does it involve and also what it doesn’t involve. 

There may be some questions that are too personal or private to ask the receptionist at the front desk or it may be too technical or involved that only the practitioner can help answer those questions for you.

The Solution Is Here!

These 15 minute consultations allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with any of our practitioners.  You can ask questions about anything regarding the consultation and your condition. 

Its also a good chance to get a feel of our practitioners who are very caring, easy to talk to, great at listening and understanding.

Book Online

Use these two links below to book online and choose the FREE 15 min consultation option.

The first option is for chiropractic, remedial massage, lymphoedema therapy, pregnancy, post partum, paediatric cases.

The second link is for Naturopathy.

Call or Email

Alternatively, and for all other services, please give the centre a call or email us with whom you wish to speak to and we will do our best to have them call you back at their next availability.