Leaders of Healthcare in the Hills

A multidisciplinary approach to holistic health

Our experienced practitioners at Hills Natural Health Centre are a collective of professional, caring and passionate leaders in their respective fields, dedicated to serving the local community for a significant period.

We emphasise natural therapies at Hills Natural Health Centre as the primary approach. Our focus is on making gradual changes to your body, beginning with the least invasive therapies that can bring about the most significant positive change.

Our approach towards healthcare is a perfect blend of the best of both worlds. Our expert team of multidisciplinary professionals includes chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, integrative doctors, nurse practitioners, counsellors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, clinical hypnotherapists and massage therapists.

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Meet the Team

Dr Ryan Yiap

Dr Ryan Yiap

Principal Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B. Chiro

Dr Amanda Smith

Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Dr Kristina Krstic

Chiropractor, B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Naomi Rogan

Director/Senior Consulting Naturopath
Adv. Dip. Health Science (Naturopathy)
Reiki Practitioner
Remedial Therapist Cert IV Holistic Counselling/Mind Body Medicine

Amber Carter

BHSc Naturopath

Kerrie Rowe

BHSc Naturopath
Bachelor of Human Services
Certificate in Disability Studies

Dr Mike Corbett


Dr Melissa Marlow

Palliative medicine certificate (UK)

Lucia Ferguson

Master of Nurse Practitioner
Post Graduate Cert' in Mental Health Nursing, Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Kuniko Tanaka

Dip. Remedial Massage
Lymphoedema Therapist
(Dr Vodder CDT)
Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)

Su Yun Hsieh

Su Yun Hsieh

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Lisa Ducrow

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Michelle Wilson

Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology

Jo-Anne Barrett

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Gina Holroyd

Registered Nurse