Detoxification Interpreted

Detoxification Interpreted The detoxification process happens within every breath of every day and every cell of our body. An essential cycle of transformation and clearance. Where our body takes substances (toxins) that, in excess, have the potential to be harmful and changes or eliminate them to cause less harm. These toxins are part of our […]

An Insight Into Postpartum Hair Loss

Once bub has arrived you may notice some abnormal or excessive hair shedding – rest assured, this is normal and temporary. Here’s what you need to know about postpartum hair loss and how to manage hair loss holistically. What is postpartum hair loss? Postpartum hair loss is also referred to as telogen effluvium – a […]

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue AKA Burnout

What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal Fatigue or burnout is an stress-related condition that occurs when your adrenal glands, hypothalamus and pituitary gland are functioning below their optimal level. It is the result of chronic physical or emotional stress disrupting the body’s ability to make stress hormones in the right amounts and at the right time […]

Menopause – Hot Flushes?

Understanding the Transition to Menopause Hot flushes? Irregular periods? Sleep problems? Anxiety? Weight gain? If you’re 40+ and experiencing these symptoms, thoughts of experiencing menopause may be setting in. What is menopause? Menopause is defined as the cessation of a woman’s ovarian function, with menstruation and ovulation coming to an end. During this process the […]

Bloating, Cramping, Constipation? You could have SIBO

WHAT IS SIBO? SIBO or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth is a condition where there is an abnormal number of bacteria present in the small intestine. These are normal bacteria, usually found in the large intestine, that ferment starches and fibres into gases that damage the small intestine and cause a lot of symptoms. SYMPTOMS OF […]

The Role Cortisol Plays In Weight Gain

Did you ever think that Cortisol, a steroid hormone, may be responsible for your excess and stubborn kilos? Stress is a part of our everyday lives, it’s a natural body response that in small amounts is actually beneficial for the body, challenging and helping us adapt on a physical and emotional level. We are lucky […]

Can Hair loss be caused by Autoimmune Disease?

Males and females can both be affected by hair loss which may be caused by a number of different factors. Otherwise known as alopecia, losing hair affects approximately 2% of the population and can be classified as alopecia areata (patches/areas of hair loss) or alopecia totalis (complete hair loss). Alopecia can be very distressing for […]

Thyroid Dysfunction: 10 Common Signs

There are approximately 60,000 new cases of thyroid diagnosed each year within Australia with statistics revealing that 1 in 8 women will experience thyroid-related issues in their lifetime. These figures are staggering and are increasing every year. Thyroid disorders are the most commonly underdiagnosed medical conditions today with some individualsunaware they even have the condition. […]

Pyroluria: The Hidden Cause of Anxiety and Depression?

Let’s understand how Pyroluria may be the root cause behind mental, emotional and behavioural issues. What is Pyroluria? Pyroluria is an abnormality in the body’s biochemistry which results in the overproduction of pyrrole molecules. The cause is not fully understood, however, it is believed that pyroluria is a genetic condition in which the body has […]