Spring is just around the corner and we’ll be pleased with having some warmer, dryer weather. This means we won’t have any more excuses to get outdoors and do some exercise. But with these changes in activity it presents us with potential problems. If not done gradually, safely and with a bit of warming up, we might be prone to injuries. You might be familiar with some of these common springtime injuries!

  1. Runners knee or Patellofemoral Syndrome – This injury occurs from overuse, repetitive or high impact exercises causing the knee to have pain and inflammation. This is common as runners start running outdoors on different surfaces and they might also be extending the duration and distance of the run.
  2. Ankle sprains – Ankle sprains occur when there is a roll, twist or turn on the ankle into an unnatural position. The ligaments can stretch, tear or snap off depending on the severity. This will cause pain, inflammation, bruising and/or instability. This is common in sporting injuries but also when you trip over those honky nuts or misjudge uneven ground here up in the hills.
  3. Achilles Tendonitis – This injury also occurs from an overuse or repetitive injury, but this time to the calf tendon connecting to the heel. Similar to the first injury, this happens because of a switch, possibly from running on an indoor treadmill, to outdoor surfaces, usually the harder surfaces.
  4. Plantar fasciitis – Finally the last common springtime injury is plantar fasciitis. This is the area at the bottom of the foot that gets pain, swelling and/or inflammation. There is a thick fascia band that runs from the heel to the toes and they can get inflamed from inadequate support.

The main thing to remember to avoid these injuries are to take your time building up the exercises. Take it easy, warm yourself up, start with a light intensity and then slowly increase the time, duration and intensity as your body gets back to good conditioning.

You may not be aware that Chiropractors have been trained to work on these musculoskeletal issues of the extremities. They check the biomechanics that affect the whole chain from the feet to the pelvis and what the body does in compensation from the pain and symptoms you’re experiencing.

So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms make an appointment by calling, email or use our online booking option.

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